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I dug out my original Xbox, and realized that many of my games lacked cases. While I didn't have any spare full-size Xbox-style cases handy, and my local game store doesn't yet have a shipment of Xbox-like cases in, I do have a lot of cheap jewel cases. A ton with front artwork spots, so that was the main focus, but also some with a spot for rear artwork.

So I created a Photoshop template to help make it all consistent. The end result...

The front cover for Republic Commando ...and the back!

The templates include all of the ESRB ratings already in the correct spot, so you can just show/hide the layer for the rating you want.

The fit of the back template is very snug, some trimming may be required. It ends up looking a little something like this:

The front, as taken against the lid of a trash can. The back and spine. I don't have a good setup for taking pictures of super glossy shit :(

Both can be printed on 5x7 photo paper, and fits a standard (whatever that means) jewel case. To keep the front slip in place, I recommend putting a tiny bit of tape on the inside, over the bits that it slides under.

The photoshop templates in question: front, back