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Good Time

After seeing so many screencaps of the amazing colors within, I caved and watched Good Time, a 2017 crime-thriller movie.

[Image: It's not a very good time (for twilight boy)]

The movie focuses on the misadventures of the main character, Edward Cullen Connie Nikas, played by Batman Robert Pattinson, and his developmentally-delayed brother. In the first act, he take his handicapped brother with him on a bank robbery that ends up going wrong, and for the rest of the movie is trying to find a way to get enough money to bail him out or otherwise free his brother.

He doesn't have a very Good Time.

But enough about sparkle-boy, let's talk details!


Lilo And Stitch

[Image: the titular characters]

I re-watched Lilo and Stitch. It's aged pretty well, there's a lot of little moments that are even better as an adult.

That's all.

I rate it 2.76 out of 2.995.


The Matrix: Resurrections

I watched the new Matrix movie. I heard a lot about the cgi and plot being bad, but I thought it was alright. Maybe people are just trying to get worked up over nothing.

[Image: woah, I'm Keanu Reeves]

My favorite part was when all the people started jumping through their windows and divebombing the ground towards the end. It's so visceral, it's a nice touch.

I disliked the exposition dumps that take place throughout the movie, but I dislike that of any movie, so it's no big surprise.

Overall I rate this movie 8 big bananas out of 11. Pretty good!