Andrew's Blfog

I got an email from Steam telling me that ClassiCube is now Steam Deck Verified.

[Image: nice]

That means a human at Valve played ClassiCube on a Steam Deck and checked all the boxes.

I find this interesting because the game doesn't have controller support or anything, but I guess the out-of-box Mouse/Keyboard Steam Input bindings did the trick.


Steam Deck

I'm pretty excited for Valve's upcoming Steam Deck hardware.

[Image: The thicc boy itself]

For those not in-the-know, the Steam Deck is a handheld PC designed and (soon) sold by Valve/Steam. More info here.

On paper, the hardware itself is cool but not anything too exotic - we already have handheld PCs that can run Windows, and they have pretty decent specs usually.

What sets the Steam Deck apart is a short set of very compelling features